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About the Artist

Morey Curtis Dunbar has had a life long love affair with creative wall finishes. Starting at 4, armed with a pastry brush and a jar of petroleum jelly, she attempted her first "wall finish." Over the years, Morey continued to paint anything that anyone would let her.

While studying Environmental Design at Syracuse University's School Of Human Development, a single course in historic restoration and renovation ended up determining Morey's future career. Students were asked to create a cohesive plan of historical inspired glass, wall, floor, and fabric treatments. Experiments with different materials to create a variety of effects ignited a passion for decorative treatments for all surfaces.

Starting with furniture in a small gallery in Chicago and private work for friends and family, a new business was launched. Morey's first large client came as a result of working for Norco Art Products, in Chicago. Morey's ability to execute decorative finishes on architectural reproductions prompted a customer to ask if she could create unique treatments for a condo on Chicago's Gold Coast. Morey exceeded the client's expectations, including an Italian Café Scene on a set of bi-fold doors that was created entirely out of hand made papers.

In 17 years, Morey Curtis Dunbar has had the good fortune to work with throughout the country. Her client list has included Susan Aurinko, owner/art director of FLATFILE Galleries, statesman Joseph Cari, radio personality Kent Voss and Chicago's famous Italian Village. Morey's work can be seen in Chicago Home Magazine and the Crate and Barrel catalogue. She has studied with decorative painting industry leaders as Pierre Finkelstein, Kathy Carroll, Nicola Virgini, and Jacek Prowinski.

As the co-founder of FLATFILE Foundation, Morey established this organization to continue art education in underprivileged youth and struggling young artists. She is a member of SALI, a national painting organization for the continuation of decorative arts, a local member of the Heartland Chapter of SALI, a founding member and president of The Atrium Online, the professional online pending chapter of SALI, and a member of the Women's Board of Heartland Alliance For Human Needs And Human Rights.



3626 Rosemear Avenue
Brookfield, IL 60513

Tel:  (630) 251-6996

eMail: morey@paintedonline.com

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Crate & Barrel Catalog

Painted played an integral part in the finishing of this room, featured in the Fall 2005 Crate & Barrel Catalog.

Chicago Home Magazine
This living room was featured in Chicago Home magazine. Painted was part of the interior design development.

Additionally, Chicago Home mentioned murals that Painted had created.Those Klimt-inspired murals appear below.

Murals that Painted had created

Murals that Painted had created.